Once the new elected municipal officials have taken office, you will need to update the items on the transparency portal that have to do with institutional and organizational information. Specifically the “Political organization and remuneration” section:

  • Cartipàs: political organization
  • Elected positions
  • Political/municipal groups
  • Governing bodies and functions
  • Senior positions, management staff and occasional positions

These items are part of the political organization module, and for the more than 200 entities that use it, you should know that while the module makes it easier to incorporate more detailed, interactive and engaging information than with the automatic data available, it will also require you take some time to update to the new format of the local corporation.

These are the main actions you will need to do for a successful module update. You can choose to edit the existing items or delete it and start editing the module from scratch.

Mode 1. Editing of existing information

In the order indicated, you will need:

  1. Edit the political groups in the "Political/municipal groups" item
  2. Edit the elected positions within each political group from the previous item or from the item "Senior positions, management staff and occasional positions"
  3. With all the positions already edited, modify the item "Governing bodies and functions"
  4. Finally, edit the areas or create new ones within the item "Cartipàs: political organization".

In the event that an elected position must be deleted, it will not be possible if it is assigned to an area within the folder, so the area must first be deleted or assigned to another position that has already been edited or that does not require modification.

For more details on the correct order of editing / modification you can consult the section 2.3.2- Adequate order of editing the advanced configuration of the different items from module manual .

Since all changes require editing time, while it is not fully updated it is recommended to "temporarily" hide the module while making the previous format visible (automatic communication data by default). To do so, simply indicate "No" on the following screen:

Figure 1: Image of the module configuration

Remember that hiding the advanced configuration module does not prevent the editing of the contents (you will see them in a gray color), but they will not be shown to the public until you activate it again.

However, since the editing of elected positions and political groups also leads to a modification of the distribution of the political organization, it also directly affects the graphic visible on the front page of the Open Government and Transparency portal:

Figure 2: graphic offered by the module with the result of the distribution of the elected. Example of Castellar del Vallès (2019)

In this case, the recommendation indicated above to disable the advanced configuration is the most viable solution until the complete editing of the different sections of the module.

Mode 2. Deleting the content and starting again with the module

There is also an option other than that of editing the information of the different module items, which happens to delete all the content, and start from the beginning with the reloading of existing data in Municat.

If you opt for the latter option (recommended when there are many changes) the order of the removal steps would be as follows:

  1. Delete all the areas reported within the item "Cartipàs: political organization"
  2. Eliminate all positions elected through political/municipal groups or through the item "Senior positions, management staff and occasional positions", including those who are not registered or independent.
  3. Remove all political groups under the item "Political/municipal groups"
  4. Remove all governing bodies within the item "Governing bodies and functions"

Once the items are empty, the option to “ Preload automatic data ” will be displayed for the items of “ Governing bodies and functions ”, “ Political/Municipal groups ”, “ Elected officials ” and “ Senior officials, management staff and contingent officials” ".

Figure 3: Image of the automatic data preload button once the module is empty (or it is an entity that starts work)

If, once removed, you do not see the possibility of preloading, you will need to review the different items and make sure that there is no position, political group or body to remove. We hope that with these more detailed instructions it will be easy for you to update the political organization module .