In accordance with Article 55.3 of Law 19/2014, of 29 December, on transparency, access to public information and good governance, local bodies must approve a code of conduct for their senior officials.

Within the framework of the agreement of the Network of Transparent Governments of Catalonia (XGTC), integrated by the Generalitat de Catalunya, the Open Administration Consortium of Catalonia (AOC Consortium), the provincial councils of Barcelona, Girona, Lleida and Tarragona, the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona, the Catalan Association of Municipalities and Counties (ACM), the Federation of Municipalities of Catalonia (FMC) and the Barcelona Metropolitan Area (AMB), a working group was created to develop a model code of conduct of the high positions of the local Administration that could be adopted by the local bodies of Catalonia.

The working group has drawn up a model code of conduct for senior officials in the local administration. This code contains the ethical and good governance principles to which senior officials must be subject, as well as the rules of conduct to be governed, which include, in addition to general commitments, commitments in relationship with conflicts of interest and interest groups and commitments in relation to citizenship.

The model code of conduct has been sent to all local authorities in the country together with a guide for its implementation , so that, if they deem it appropriate, they can adopt it as their own, introducing, if necessary, the modifications. that they deem necessary.