For practical purposes, these bodies may make this information available to the public only through the Transparency Portal of Catalonia, organized and managed by the Generalitat and which is regulated in this Law, or through a space of own transparency, interconnected with the Transparency Portal.

The AOC Consortium in collaboration with the Generalitat de Catalunya, the four Provincial Councils, the Localret Consortium, the Catalan Association of Municipalities, the Federation of Municipalities of Catalonia and the Barcelona Metropolitan Area has worked on a common transparency solution for local authorities (available since October 15, 2015), which allows it to have its own transparency portal.

Law 19/2014, of 29 December, on transparency, access to public information and good governance , obliges local bodies to guarantee the transparency of public information, through a comprehensive system of information and knowledge in format electronic. This obligation came into force on January 1, 2016.

The transparency portal is offered in various ways that allow you to adapt to the different needs of each local body. These modalities are:

  • Integrated electronic headquarters portal, transparency space and open data.
  • Transparency and open data portal (for entities that have their own electronic headquarters).

In the case of the open data portal, it is important to note that initially it only includes the transparency data available to supra-municipal bodies, although work is being done to have a much more complete and self-managing version for those who wish to publish. its own open data in reusable format (forecast to have this evolutionary in the first half of 2019).

In addition to these main resources (electronic headquarters, transparency portal and open data), the AOC also offers:

Electronic forms for accessing public information:

  • “Request for access to public information” (via e-TRAM) to comply with Article 27 of the Transparency Law.
  • “Right to make proposals and suggestions” (via e-TRAM) , to comply with article 61 of the Transparency Law.

Promotion of generic submission (via EACAT):

  • All those bodies that have the generic submission to EACAT recommend that it be used to request information on transparency from other bodies (art. 30.1) or to transfer requests for access to citizen information. (art.30.2), and thus be able to comply with art.30 of the Transparency Law, for the request for information or referral of requests on issues of transparency between entities.