The automatic data that appears in the open data repository of the local bodies is not data managed by the AOC Consortium, but is data that the AOC Consortium obtains from external data sources and with which it builds specific information data sets: recruitment, regulations, administration, subsidies, etc.

For this reason, they cannot be modified directly in the Transparency Space or in the repository, but it is necessary to see which data source they come from and manage the data update in that original data source. In the event that the automatic data shown by the Transparency Space in a specific item is not correct, we recommend that you update the data in the original source and in the meantime, load the data manually into the item, while disabling the display of automatic data.

For any change or modification that you want to request in the MUNICA T (for example, in the list of elected positions that is in the specific item for that purpose), the contact mailbox is , and once changed in origin (to MUNICAT) from the AOC we will show the new information.

In order to modify incorrect or incomplete data from different sources (CIDO, Minhap, ,…): you can contact us through our contact form , (selecting the Transparency and Headquarters 2.o service), and we will be able to evaluate and if necessary transfer the information to the primary source of the data.

In the event that the AOC itself is the primary source of the information, indicate this in the contact form as well and we will evaluate the content directly.