Article 32 of Decree 8/2021, of February 9, on transparency and the right of access to public information , specifies how declarations of activities, assets and interests must be and how they must be publicized 'senior positions and managerial staff.

And if we look specifically at its point 4, it indicates that: "the data to be published relating to the declarations presented, as well as their modifications, must be the subject of publicity as long as the senior position and the management staff maintain this condition , and they remain published for a minimum period of six months from the date of termination of office".

And how can we respond to this obligation through the transparency portal?

On the portal we normally use the item " Senior positions, managerial staff and occasional positions " to show information about the profiles and professional careers of local political representatives and the holders of the governing bodies of the entity and related bodies, as well as the their contact details and their remuneration and also the declarations of activities, assets and interests.

Now.... the item of " Senior positions, management staff and occasional positions " only solves the active advertising while the position is being held.

So... And how can I do it?

On the transparency portal, we have a specific item that provides the necessary functionality to do this advertising. Specifically:

Item of 1.2.6. Resolutions relating to the declarations of activities, assets and interests of senior officials and management staff

In practice, this is a specific item (differentiated from that of elected officials), which allows us to actively publicize all the information associated with the statements of elected officials and high officials as indicated in the decree. It even has a very simple structure of its own that makes it easy to publish:

Figure 1: image of the editing environment of the item in question


If you look at the drop-down "Scope", this allows you to select between: "Activities", "Equity" "Income", and it is feasible to put a link (for example to an external website), or directly publish a document there (like for example the detail of specific statements).

So we understand that with this item the active advertising of property declarations can be resolved, making it easier for us to maintain it for a minimum of 6 months after termination. It is worth noting, however, that after the time considered appropriate (always longer than 6 months), the withdrawal must also be manual.