The Network of Transparent Governments of Catalonia (XGT) is a stable collaboration framework created in 2015 in order to facilitate compliance with Law 19/2014, of 29 December, on transparency, access to public information and good governance, to the more than 2,200 entities that make up the local administration of Catalonia.

The creation of the Network comes from a parliamentary mandate (Motion 179 / X, of February 2015, of the Parliament of Catalonia) which urges the Generalitat to create a space for collaboration with the local world in order to deploy and implement the Law in this area of competence, and facilitate the necessary forms of cooperation between the different institutions required by law.

The creation of the Network materialized in the signing of a framework collaboration agreement in four major areas, and was promoted by the following bodies: the Generalitat, through the Department of Digital Policies and Public Administration; the School of Public Administration of Catalonia; the Consortium of Open Administration of Catalonia; the four provincial councils; the Catalan Association of Municipalities and Counties, and the Federation of Municipalities of Catalonia. On November 10, 2016, by agreement of the plenary, the Barcelona Metropolitan Area joined.

Currently, the Network works through various working groups that deal with a wide range of topics: issues of transparency, active publicity, good governance, or training aimed at local bodies. The Network facilitates the knowledge and exchange of legal, technological and training resources.

Current members of the XGT: