Clicking on one of the items will show the information related to the different sections or sections, allowing them to be edited independently.


To edit the sections, click on the " Edit " icon EDIT

Once the content of the section has been modified, click " Save as draft " (in this case a version will be created but the version will not be shown on the public portal until it is published) or " Publish " if you want to publish the revised content.


If you want to edit the field of an item but without this change being visible to end users, you will need to save the version as a draft. To do this, click on " save as draft " and it will be saved in the version history.

For items that have a data model for manual entry, to add records click the " Add Indicator Record " button . Then it will show us the dialog box with the fields of the data resource that we want to add the new record.


To be able to edit the data entered manually located next to the record and click on the " Edit " icon. Then the dialog box with the fields of the data resource will be displayed and you can edit its content.

Once modified, click on the “ Save as Draft ” function (if you want the creation of a version, but the changes will not be publicly displayed until it is published) or " Publish " if you want to publish the already revised content.


To remove a record from the content, click on the Delete icon on the line of the record you want to delete.


Then confirmation will be requested. Clicking "Yes" will delete the record.


For items that have automatic data, you need to click on the indicator that shows the data to show its contents and you will see that at the top of the data section a bar is displayed with the options of Do you want the data automatically loaded are visible? . Then choose the desired option.


For items that have auto data charts, when you click on the indicator that shows the charts to show their content, you'll see a bar appear at the top of the chart with the options of Do you want Is this graphic visible? You must choose the desired option.


If you want to add more information than the item's default fields allow, click on the "edit" option.


An editing panel will then open where you can add additional information to the automatic and/or manual data, in the form of:

  • text
  • links
  • Attached documents (with a maximum file size of 100MB)

It will be necessary to choose the More information section and add the desired text or links.

Once the incorporation of the data is complete, click on "Publish" to save and make the changes visible.

If you want to add an attached document , you must choose the Attachments section and click on "Select".

edicio-de-textos.jpg A tab will open asking you where you want to import the file from. If you do not already have it uploaded on another page of the Portal, you must click on "Add" and choose "Basic document".


In this new screen that will be displayed, you will be asked for the information to upload the attached document in question, which you can upload in the "Select file" section. In addition, you can edit the following fields:

  • Title : Name of the document.
  • Description : Brief description of the attachment.
  • Categorization : You can add tags to find the file in searches more effectively.
  • Related content : You can link content from other parts of the Seu-e 2.0 and the Transparency portal.
  • Permissions : You can manage who will view the attachment: Anyone, the members of the website, or just the owner.

Once all the steps have been completed, click on "Publish" to save the changes.

upload documents 2

To be able to upload a second document , go back to the editing of the item and in the documents section click on the tab on the right " + ".

The option to upload a second document will then appear below. To upload it, repeat the previous operation.


When you need to delete a published document , access the attachments section and click on the "Delete" button. To publish the modified content, click on the "Publish" button.


To associate a web address with a link , go to the text editor and type the name you want to appear in the text as a title.

Then, select that name and go to the "insert/edit link" tab.


Paste the URL and in the "destination" tab put "not defined". By publishing it, you will be able to access the document through its links.