Configuration of economic indicator charts

To configure the display of economic indicator charts, and from the editing environment, click the "Display settings" button.


A window will open where you can check / uncheck the "Show averages in the chart" option to hide the averages in one of the charts.


The appearance of the graph when the averages are hidden is as follows:


Configure observations on economic management indicators

At the same time, you can also configure the text "Comments on economic management indicators" .

To do this, and also from the editing environment, click on the "Edit comments on economic management indicators" button that will open a window where you can enter the text to display, you can also offer a translation in Spanish.



In this space, everyone will be able to make assessments, comments, publish documents or links to clarify or provide more information on the indicators provided automatically, with the premise of making it as close as possible to the public.

Once the text is saved, it will be visible in a block at the bottom of the graphic. If you want to delete this block, you must edit the text again and leave it blank.