We can decide whether an item is published or not, or whether it is redirected, or whether it considers that item does not apply to it.


If you want to show the item to view its contents, click on the " Show it " button.


With this action the item will be displayed in the public part of the portal and in the edit view the item will be displayed in blue.



To hide the item, click on the Hide it button. Once this option is selected, the indicator information can only be viewed by users who are platform managers.


It will not be displayed on the public portal and will be displayed in light gray in the edit view of the item.



To redirect to another website, click on the " Redirect" button. In this case, a Link field will be displayed that will allow you to indicate where you want to redirect the page.



Finally, the entity may also indicate that this item does NOT APPLY. This state is intended primarily for dependent local bodies that, due to their idiosyncrasies and competencies, often leave many items empty or uninformed. Items with the indication DO NOT APPLY, will NOT be public on the portal OR will count in the% of filling of the control panel.


Note : In order for the edited information to be displayed (for example, an attachment), the item must be in the "Show it" state (if it is in the "Redirect" state, the edited content will not be displayed. ) If you want the "Redirect" option url to be visible as well, you must add it manually by editing the item and keeping the "Show" option.