In addition to the default items in the Transparency Portal, you can add items with their own content that users of the service deem necessary.

The functionality that allows you to create a new item is located below the items grouped by family (e.g. Services and procedures ):


We will also find this same functionality once located in any subfamily of items (e.g. Status of services ):


Once we are there, all you have to do is:

  1. In the Select a section dropdown, choose one of the subfamilies belonging to the family of items where it is located.
  2. Inform the Title field with the name you want to give to the new item.
  3. Press the Create button.

Then, the form for editing the new item that has just been created will open, where we will find the same functionalities as in the rest of the items:


  1. Item posting options: Show , Hide , Redirect .
  2. Editing options: Modify title , Modify metadata , Delete item.
  3. Add more information in the form of rich text blocks and attachments.

Once the new item is created, it will appear below the existing items by default in the subfamily where it was placed when it was created. Own items have arrows that allow you to raise or lower them in relation to other own items that have been created. However, they do not allow you to move them between existing items by default: