One of the improvements and corrections to the Seu-e 2.0 and Transparency Service that are made in the deployment of new versions, is the creation of new items by the AOC Consortium. You can consult them on the Open Data and Transparency blog .

From now on, when a new item is created, it will appear by default not visible, and if you want it to be shown you will have to go to edit and make it visible. You can see as Motrar.

For example, when creating the new item "Resolutions on the regime of incompatibilities of senior officials", which corresponds to the Institutional and organizational information block - political organization and remuneration, you will not see it if you do not modify its status, since when dealing -se of a new item, you will find it not visible (hidden). So if you want this new item to show up, you'll need to go to edit and make it visible.

So, remember that all new items that are created are by default not visible.