The following report: “Access to Data Sets” includes information on the total access to the different data sets from all open data portals provided by the AOC.

The report includes information on 100% of available portals, ie whether they are portals of entities that already have self-management (and publish their own information), or those that have an open data portal associated with the generic portal. (portal that we find "default" in any transparency portal with only information intended for automatic items).

Image 1: Image of the new open data access report


This report allows us to see that in the last year there have been more than 20,000 open data queries on the different portals, being especially significant the consultation in the groups associated with "staff calls", "processing of budgets and staff", "contracts" , and “Municipal census by municipality, year and sex”.

Image 2: Detail of the most consulted data sets


At the level of own data sets, it should be noted that the first set we find is the "Register of citizen entities " of the City of Rubí, with 326 queries. Rubí is also the City Council with the open data portal with the most queries on data sets, exceeding 1,500 in the last 12 months.

Another resource offered by the report is the consultation of the temporal evolution of the queries to data sets. This evolution can be done by the total of data sets, by a specific entity, or even by a specific data set.

Image 3: Example of specific queries in the “agenda of activities” data set for Tarragona


Finally, the report also allows you to make the selection for various entities / data sets using CRTL + selection, and to be able to compare the accesses to the portal by number of inhabitants, year and month. We hope that this report will be a good resource, and as the use of open data portals increases, as will their knowledge, data reuse data will increase, as will the knowledge of what is most interesting to them. citizenship.