From the administration section in the navigation menu, a new entry "DDOO administration" has been created, which makes it easier for us to select from the different sets of open data available, those sets of data that we do not want to be published on its open data portal.

In practice, this functionality allows portal editors, -from a list of available and published open data sets-, to select those data sets that do not want to appear on the portal, and therefore not make them visible , usually due to the fact that the data set does not include information from the entity in question.

A good example that illustrates this functionality could be the case of a community of municipalities that has a transparency and open data portal, and does not want data sets that do not contain information about their entity to appear published on their portal such as the "elected positions", or the "calendars and fiscal registers". With this functionality the portal editor can easily mark datasets that he does not want to be viewed and unpublish them, as shown in the following image: