The AOC és Consortium wants to promote open data in the local world through an agile, simple and customizable open data portal, which allows local entities to publish their own data in an open and reusable format (and at the same time federate them in an open data portal of the local Catalan world).

The AOC's open data portal is active and available to all local authorities. For more information on "How to apply" you can refer to the following link: Open Data: registration on the portal with uploading of own data

If your local body wishes to create its own data sets, -and once you have the active service-, you can consult the latest version of the "Manual of the open data portal and resources for local bodies" that we have created to help you create and publish data in an open format. You can consult and download it at this link:

Download (PDF, 3.32MB)

As an ideal complement to this manual, we advise you to consult the collection of sets of standardized data that, with the participation of a large group of councils that are part of the technical work group, have been developed. You can find the details in the following link .