According to article 10.2 of Law 29/2010, of 3 August, on the use of electronic media in the public sector of Catalonia, the minutes of the plenary sessions must be published on the municipal website . This publication, however, must take into account the principles and guarantees established by data protection regulations and the protection of the right to honor and privacy.

The AOC Consortium offers the automated publication of the minutes of the Plenary through its solution of Portal of Transparency and Open Data by virtue of the Law of reuse of public information and the Law 19/2014 of Transparency, access to the public information and good governance, within the framework of the conditions of service. Therefore, and through the Transparency and Open Data Portal of each body, the minutes of the Plenary Session are now automatically accessible and consultable by the public.

And what can I do if, as a public worker, I detect a record of my body with personal data?

If, as a public employee, you detect that there is a full report of your body with any personal data that may violate the principles and guarantees associated with data protection regulations, you can ask the AOC Consortium to leave the report in question. to be displayed on the Transparency and Open Data Portal using the following procedure:

  1. You will first need to make a formal application to the AOC Consortium via Generic Submission (EACAT> home> Outstanding services), indicating in the title: “ Publication of plenary proceedings of…”
  2. You must include the following details in the submission: Date of the report, type of report, code of the report and publication URL. Note: You can find all this information on the transparency portal itself (where the full minutes are published), and it will be easier for us to locate the report in question.
  3. Then all you have to do is send us the application via EACAT's generic submission. It will be disabled in a few days and then we will send you a communication via EACAT informing you.

In addition to publishing the full minutes (usually associated with aspects of anonymization at source), with this mechanism you can also request the release of other types of submission (eg agreements of the Local Government Board), which was erroneously indicated in the category of plenary acts (and which are therefore made public). If you send us the request via a generic submission with the details of what you want to be published ( date, type, code and publication URL), we will have enough to also manage the publication in a few days.

Aspects that also need to be considered:

This procedure is mandatory to disable the display of a report on the portal, as simply choosing to redirect or post manual descriptions to your portal will not be sufficient, as the report would still be present, available and visible in the repository. open data from local bodies in Catalonia.

Despite disabling the display of the minutes in your e-Office or Transparency Space, the full minutes will continue to be in the Repository of minutes and agreements data, as we cannot proceed with their deletion, but they will no longer be visible. nor searchable.

In any case, we recommend that once the aspects of anonymisation / dissociation of data that you have been able to detect in the minutes have been resolved, you publish it again via the standard procedure in EACAT. This will be the new version of the minutes that will be automatically published on the portal.

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