The composition of the Open Government and Transparency Area consists of a series of main elements that facilitate the navigation and organization of the contents. These include:

  • The header, identical to the header of the e-Headquarters .
  • The central body , where the transparency items are grouped by theme:
    • Institutional and organizational information (political organization, staff, entities and other bodies).
    • Economic management (budgets, tax and economic management, wealth and subsidies).
    • Government action and regulations (acts, agreements, edicts, convocations, regulations, plans and strategies).
    • Contracts, agreements and subsidies (profile of the contractor, minors, bodies and collaboration agreements).
    • Catalog of services and procedures (Offer of services and procedures made available to the public).
    • Can't find the information? (Exercise your right to access public information).
  • The Help us to improve section, where there are all those citizen participation initiatives.
  • The highlights , different from those of the e-Headquarters .
  • A footer consisting of:
    • Indicators
    • Open data
    • Citizen participation