Different functional and corrective improvements have been incorporated in the environment of the Transparency portal and the Open Data portal that the AOC offers in collaboration with the Network of Open Governments of Catalonia .

Below we explain it in detail:

New views available
  • Visualization improvements around recruitment items

In this update, new visualizations have been developed for two key items:

  • List of awarded contracts (historical)
  • List of minor contracts (historical)

Now these items incorporate a new graphic to visualize the data based on the existing information, in the first case of the Public Procurement Services Platform (PSCP), and of the Public Contract Register (RPC) for minor contracts. Both graphics are interactive and follow the new graphic design formats of the AOC, which we will gradually implement over the next few months. Here are some pictures:

Figure 1: sample of the visualizations developed from public data from the PSCP for the item "Relation of awarded contracts (historical)"

Figure 2: sample of visualizations developed from public data from the RPC for the item “Relation of Minor Contracts (Historical)”

In the graphics, the possibility to make filters and searches is particularly noteworthy, but above all the tables with data are shown in a very well structured format, which facilitate citizens' consultation of the main data. Examples of detail data tables:

Figures 3 and 4: sample of the data tables associated with public procurement from the public and open data published by the PSCP


  • How will these views be deployed on the different portals?

Bearing in mind that the graphs have been built from the information already found in open data on the portal (automatic source of open data origin PSCP or RPC), all those entities that currently have one of the two on their portal current data tables visible (either “Relation of awarded contracts (historical)” , or “Relation of minor contracts (historical)”) , in each case the current tables will be automatically replaced by this new visualization that includes both a graphical environment and data in a more visual, practical, complete and easy to consult way.

However, and as with any item on the portal, the editor of each portal will be able to modify its visibility, or activate it if this is the case.

  • What impact can these new graphics have with "Infoparticipa"?

The Infoparticipa team has collaborated in the definition of these visualizations and have in fact incorporated the following recommendation for the Infoparticipa indicator 31 associated with public procurement according to its 2023 evaluation guide:

"To validate this indicator, a contract viewer will be required, which can be consulted with graphics and with a simple representation, both of the tenders and of the companies and/or individuals awarded."

In this sense, the activation of these graphics is therefore an element that favors the validation of indicator 31 of Infoparticipa. For more information consult the Guide to evaluate 2023 (edition 12) .

  • Visualization improvements to the Collaboration Agreements item

Continuing with the model started with the improvements to the contracting items, the "Collaboration and cooperation agreements" item also incorporates a new graphic to visualize the data, based on the public information available from the "Register of collaboration agreements collaboration and cooperation" of the Department of the Presidency.

Figures 5: sample of the new visualizations associated with collaboration agreements based on public data from the RPC.

In the case of collaboration agreements, there is also a detailed, usable and complete table that shows all the data:

Figures 6: RPC source data detail sample. Allows you to display more detail or access the original agreement available in the PRC.

  • How will this visualization be deployed on the different portals?

In this case, and since the automated offer of the item was simply based on a redirection to the search engine of the Registry of Agreements of the Department of the Presidency, the display is offered, but it will have to be the editor of the portal of the entity who activates it Doing so is very simple: just enter the item, disable the existing redirect, and enable the display of the new default view.

Figure 8: Sample of the screen you need to access to activate the display

New items available

From November 2023 , a new item associated with Document Verification with CSV is offered. This item will appear hidden by default, and you will need to access it to activate it. The item is located at:

  • Family: Services and procedures
  • Subfamily: Services

Figure 9: sample of the new item “Verification of documents using Secure Verification Code (CSV)”

Functionally, this item allows access to the tool provided by the AOC to verify documents through the Secure Verification Code, for example for the e-TRAM receipt.

This is an item that will be hidden by default, but the portal editor can activate it directly or edit it, and customize the text, while reporting other solutions and/or own verification links if applicable. In any case, it is recommended to activate it, and have the electronic headquarters redirect to this item.


Other improvements to existing items
  • Improvements of inclusive and close language in different items of the portal

Improved inclusive and close language, as well as descriptions of the following items:

  • Organizational chart of the institution
  • General data of the institution
  • Template of public employees
  • Freed from trade unions
  • Technicians of the ens
  • Data Protection Officer
  • Exercise of rights relating to the protection of personal data
  • Registration of personal data processing activities
  • Document classification table
  • Remuneration of executive beneficiaries of subsidies
  • Most frequent inquiries received by citizens or organizations

  • Calls for sessions of the Plenary

Changed dropdown format to table format. A default sorting by “Session Start Date” is now offered and users will be able to more quickly search for content or sort according to needs.

  • Relevant administrative and judicial resolutions

A new field with the title "Brief description" has been incorporated for data entry. This enhancement will be useful to give a brief information about each entry.

  • Business Single Window (FUE)

Updated the item name and images to current, and improved its content with a better explanation.

  • Register of invoices (source e-FACT)

This item, which can be activated by requesting activation via a support ticket , now includes new informational columns with more statuses associated with the accounting status of invoices.