As of Wednesday 14 July, various functional and corrective improvements will be incorporated in the environment of the transparency portal and the open data portal that the AOC offers in collaboration with the Network of Open Governments of Catalonia . Next, let's go into detail:

New items available (3)

Three new items are offered that appear hidden to you by default. You will need to access each of them to activate them. Specifically:

  1. Resolutions of requests for access to public information
    • Family: Government action and regulations
    • Subfamily: Government action and political parties
    • Legal obligation: Article: 14.3. of Law 19/2013, of December 9, on transparency, access to public information and good governance ( LTE ).
    • Item Type: Manual
    • Information to be published and periodicity of its update: The resolutions in which partial access or denial of requests for access to public information (SAIP) is determined, due to the concurrence of one of the legally provided limits. The publication will take place once the interested person has been notified of the decision and the personal data has been anonymised. Additionally and on an optional basis, resolutions can also be published, anonymized, in which a reason for non-admission -total or partial- of the SAIP is determined due to one of the legally foreseen cases. Likewise, a list of all the SAIPs received may be published.
  2. Annual financial control plan
    • Family: Financial management
    • Subfamily: Economic management
    • Legal obligation: Article: 6.2 of Law 19/2013, of December 9, on transparency, access to public information and good governance ( LTE ).
    • Item Type: Manual
    • Information to be published and periodicity of its update: The annual financial control plan. The information will have to be obtained from the intervention of the local body.
  3. Register of qualified officials
    • Family: Institutional and organizational information
    • Subfamily: Institutional information
    • Legal obligation:
      • Article 12.2 paragraph 2 of Law 39/2015 of October 1, on the common administrative procedure of public administrations.
      • Opinion 46/2020 of the APDCAT: "The publication of the first and last names of officials qualified for the identification and authentication of people and the issuance of authentic copies in the scope of the City Council could find protection in the article 6.1.c) of the RGPD in attention to the provisions of the LPAC regarding assistance in the use of electronic media to those interested, and to the provisions of active advertising of the LTC."
    • Item Type: Automatic from the Register of Skilled Officials (RFH) of EACAT
    • Information to be published and how often it will be updated: The following information must be published regarding the public employee performing duties:
      • First and last name
      • Registration date
      • Date of deregistration
      • Administrative unit
      • Assistance to those interested
      • Issuance of authentic copies The updating of the information subject to active advertising must be permanent, with an express indication of the date of the last update, as well as the expected date of the next update or the maximum update period.
Improvements to existing items (14)

In addition to new items, the automatic content of various items has also been improved. Remember that you need to access each of the items to activate the changes . Specifically:

  1. Information of the municipal term

    This previously manual item becomes automatic with open data , based on data extracted from Municat. It incorporates the main descriptive data and links to situation and career maps.

  2. Record of removal of documents

    This hitherto manual item becomes automatic with open data , based on data extracted from the Department of Culture, -National Commission for Documentary Access and Evaluation and Selection (CNAATD) -, which forms the information on the list of eliminations of public sector documents available at its base. Either by origin of the entity itself or via the work of the Regional Archives.

  3. Grants granted

    Until now this was a manual item and now it is also automatic with open data , all the while facilitating the option of automatically displaying the same information coming from concessions of subsidies and aid published by the Ministry of Finance, through the "National System of Publicidad Subsidies". It is worth saying that for this item at the same time an improvement in the anonymization of natural persons has been promoted and beyond the ID that has a hidden character, only the initials of the name are reported.

  4. Tenders in process (contractor profile)

    Starting from an automatic item with redirection (in the contractor profile of each entity), despite keeping the option of redirection, it becomes automatic with open data , that is to say, it is easier to directly display and download the data automatic origin profile of the contractor in the same item.

  5. List of minor contracts (historical)

    This item was only manual, and from this update it has become automatic with open data , showing the available data associated with minor contracts reported during the last five years in the Public Register of Contracts of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

  6. List of awarded contracts

    This item was already automatic with open data (from source CIDO - Diputació de Barcelona), but in this update a change of source has been made, publishing the information directly from the Public Procurement Services Platform (origin Department of Economy and Finance, and Open Data source of the Generalitat de Catalunya). In addition, with the change of source, the fields shown to the public have also been expanded.

  7. Contracting bodies

    This manual item allows you to inform the contracting authorities. In practice, what we have done is to offer a redirection to the body's contracting profile because on its home page it already reports on the body's contracting bodies. In this sense, if you wish to, from now on you can choose to activate this automatic item with redirection to the home page of the contractor's profile.

  8. Political / municipal groups

    This item has been automated by facilitating information with CIDO open data associated with the publication of the map , which includes information on municipal groups. It is worth saying that it will only be useful for those entities that do not use the political organization module, because it is the means to show the information in a closer, more agile and simpler way to citizens. More information about the module at the following link

  9. Urban planning regulations

    This manual item has been automated by redirecting to the information published by the Generalitat de Catalunya, incorporating by default links both to the Urban Planning Register of Catalonia (RPUC) for the body in question, as well as to the urban map viewer of Catalonia (MUC).

  10. Urban planning

    This automatic item via redirection has been improved, now linking to the Planning Record Urbanístic de Catalunya (RPUC) to the specific information for the entity in question (previously it was a general redirection), and the link to the viewer of the urbanistic map of Catalonia (MUC) has also been added.

  11. Territorial urban planning plans

    This manual item has been automated by redirecting to the information published by the Generalitat de Catalunya (Territorial Plans. Department of the Vice-Presidency and Digital and Territorial Policies )

  12. Citizen attention

    This manual item allows you to report on the different public assistance offices. For many entities with multiple points of care it will continue with the same format. Now, for all those bodies that have a single point of citizen attention, this item can now also be automatic with open data, from now on, while showing the data associated with the information linked to "Citizen attention" reported to communicated

  13. Air pollution information

    This item, until now automatic with redirection, now includes the possibility to display Air Quality information at automatic and manual measurement points, of the Air Pollution Monitoring and Forecasting Network, as automatic with open data. In this regard, if your municipality has stations, instead of redirecting to the generic air quality page of the Generalitat de Catalunya, you can choose to show the details of the station information (manual and/or automatic ), of your territory.

  14. Economic management indicators

    This previously manual item becomes automatic with open data , showing by default the economic indicators module that has been generated from open data from supra-municipal sources. This module, and therefore the automation of the item, is only possible for councils.

Other news
  • A new functionality has been added to custom items that are created, which allows you to hide them from the menus (family and subfamily). It can be managed directly from the item page. See detailed FAQ.
  • A new detail table with the typology of existing items has been published. It includes more detail and is downloadable. Link to download it.
  • All transparency items have been updated to the coding changes brought about by the new version of the INFOPARTICIPA 2021 indicators.
  • The required update frequency has been added as metadata for each item.
  • Relations between the transparency portal and open data have been improved, making syndication more effective ( automation at source ).
  • A space for consulting new transparency features has been enabled in the editing environment, to indicate the new features of each deployed version.